The Story of Living Word Fellowship

In 1978, Jake Turksma and his wife, Ada moved from Ontario to Bridgetown, Nova Scotia. Following the call of God on their lives, they established the Living Word Fellowship with 3 members. For a time, they met in an old school bus before moving into the basement of the Turksma's newly built home. This didn't contain the church for long, however, and they soon moved once again to the basement area of another local church.

In 1981, Jack Skafte (Jake's nephew) and his family moved from Ontario, also following the call of God. In 1982, he began construction of his home directly next to the future location of the church building.

In 1983, an old barn in Torbrook was torn down and relocated to Bridgetown. Property was obtained near the Turksma's home, and the LWF chapel was built from the barn's framework. Construction was accomplished over the course of nearly two years, largely with used materials and without a mortgage.

The Living Word Fellowship was one of the first non-denominational churches in the Annapolis Valley area. Throughout the 1980s, the LWF leadership operated in several ministries. Through the Turksma's deliverence ministry, many were set free as people were drawn from across the surrounding area.

In early 2003, Jake Turksma was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent treatment over the course of 3 years. In September 2006, he passed away at his cottage on Connell Lake. Earlier, in August 2006, Jack Skafte was ordained as a pastor. When Jake passed away, Jack became pastor of the Living Word Fellowship.

Over the next few years, the future of the church began to come forth through several dreams and words spoken over the congregation.

The following was related by Jack Skafte during his time in the Timothy Institute in Ottawa (May, 2008)

While I was there, I had a vision. I was over Bridgetown (like a satellite image) and I pulled back so that I could see all of Canada. God was telling me that He was going to start something in Bridgetown that would go right across Canada. The next day, Terry [Chamberlin] told me that he had a vision (I had not told him of mine). He was above Bridgetown and a bomb dropped causing an explosion. He then pulled back so that he could see the Annapolis Valley and the ripples went out to Annapolis Royal and Wolfville. The following day I was up front getting prayer and the woman that was praying said that she had a word for me. She said, “God sees your spirit and loves you the way you are. There is going to be an explosion and you will see what happens. Know that it is not you that is doing it, but Me.”

Again, this was followed by more confirmation for God. Jack had a vision not long after which he relates here:

On Sunday, June 1, 2008 after getting 3.5 hours of sleep I was in that state of not being completely awake. I had a physical pain in my abdomen and I asked the Lord, “What's wrong?” He said that I was pregnant and the contractions felt like they were starting and then my water broke. Yet I knew, in my spirit, that this was the beginning of the birth pangs since I was only in the second trimester and I had 3 months to go.

We wait expectantly for what God will bring in the future.

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